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Educational Tablets Versus Textbooks

I was fascinated by the result of the observation of my classmate, Jessica Mae Ylagan, regarding the behavior of Thai grade school students. She observed that those who used educational tablets in their study performed well on outdoor activities while those who used textbooks excelled on academics (Ylagan, 2013).


This is interesting because the Department of Education of the Philippines is currently experimenting on the use of the tablets on some elementary pupils because of lack of textbooks. I do hope that they will not get shocked when the pupils using them are outside of the classroom playing or doing some sports.

The observation of Jessica is noteworthy because it somewhat opens my eyes on one of he real advantages of technology in the learning process of children. However, empirical data and additional research should be performed to validate such a claim.


Ylagan, J.M. (2013).  On Learning & Maturation. A Discussion Forum. Retrieved on May 16,2013 from http://myportal.upou.edu.ph/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=44705

Image from http://www.teleread.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/image66.png


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