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My First Time Out

I had my first time out from my online study last May 17, 2013. My co-workers invited me to have an outing in a nearby beach in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.


Unlike in the Philippines, most of the beaches in the Kingdom are free. Even with little time for studying, I made a way of enjoying myself with my friends.


I thought before that setting priorities during online education  means giving up some friendship. (That’s why my answer was wrong in the exam). I realized now that this notion was incorrect.


The amount of socialization with friends diminishes but not the quality of friendship. Since they are friends, they understand that.


So, even for two hours, i was able to show to my friends that I was still there as they were for me!


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  1. rhed says:

    Very cool Pons!

    It’s really a must that we engage in some “breaks” for us to unwind and regain composure. DE program is not easy and in fact overwhelming. But, we can always do our best to balance things out. Friends are always there as long as we keep in touch with them. I really admire the friendship you built along the way. I once dreamt of working abroad, and having a good circle of friends there will surely be a very powerful convincing factor.

    Keep going classmate! God bless 😀

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