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Introversion is not Shyness

Susan Cain describes shyness as “the fear of social disapproval or humiliation, while introversion is a preference for environments that are not overstimulating. Shyness is inherently painful; introversion is not “(as cited in Baldasaro, 2012).

Introverts also are not anti-social because they also interact with others but lesser in frequency than extroverts. The collaboration is more on quality than quantity.


Baldasaro, T. (2012, September 10). Embracing Introversion: Ways to Stimulate Reserved Students in the Classroom.  [Web log comment]. Retrieved from http://www.edutopia.org/blog/introverted-students-in-classroom-tony-baldasaro



  1. rhed says:

    You’re right there Pons!

    Not to sound defensive, but I think I’m an introvert person. I prefer to concentrate on my lessons by myself but it doesn’t mean I’m not open for suggestions and feedback. I believe I can have quality time if I will be by myself.

    On the other hand, it has to be interpreted differently from being shy. I can collaborate and interact with many people as the situation calls for it. In fact, I do teach a huge number of students. It’s a matter of preference when it comes to learning.

    Spot on! 😀

  2. Hi Pons,

    Thank you for sharing this. I am deeply and positively enlightened. 🙂


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