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Thiagi’s Seven Laws of Learning

For facilitating experiential learning activities for many years, Sivasailam Thiagarajan came out with Seven Laws of Learning, and I quote:


“1. Laws of Reinforcement – participants learn to repeat behaviors that are rewarded.

2. Law of Emotional Learning – events that are accompanied by intense emotions result in long lasting learning.

3. Law of Active Learning – active responding produces more effective learning than passive listening or reading.

4. Law of Practice and Feedback – learners cannot master skills without repeated practice and relevant feedback.

5. Law of Previous Experience – new learning should be linked to ( and  build upon) the experiences of the learner.

6. Law of Individual Differences – different people learn in different ways.

7. Law of Relevance – effective learning is relevant to the learner’s life and work.”

I believe that the above laws will be helpful in devising learning materials and creating suitable environment for learners. Aware of these, the teacher can align his/her teaching styles to accommodate some of these.

Although Thiagi’s laws have no scientific basis or study by his own, his experience is enough to prove his points. To know more of about S. Thiagarajan and his thoughts, please go to http://squarewheels.com/articles2/thiagi.html


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