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Three Dimensions of Human Intellectual Competence

On his article The Role of Intelligence in Modern Society published in the July-August 1995 edition of American Scientist, Earl Hunt described Raymond Cattell and John Horn’s Three Dimensions of Human Intellectual Competence. These are:

1. Fluid intelligence (Gf) –  the ability of the individual to devise new strategies to direct problems that is new and extraordinary  from his own viewpoint.

2. Crystallized intelligence  (Gc) – recognized and relevant prior ability gained from experience is brought and applied by the individual  to the current problem/situation.

3. Visual-spatial reasoning  (Gv) – the utilization of imagery and visual relationships to solve problems.

Hunt noted that fluid intelligence tends to decrease after reaching adolescence stage while crystallized intelligence continues to increase as the individual ages. He added that alcoholism also contributes different effects on  fluid and crystallized intelligence. He did not discuss further visual-spatial reasoning dimension.

To read more about Earl Hunt’s views on the impact of intelligence in modern society, please visit http://www.americanscientist.org/issues/issue.aspx?id=878&y=0&no=&content=true&page=8&css=..


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