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The Journey Continues

After a month break, my journey continues as I face another challenge in my pursuit of sharing my knowledge to others. I know it will not be easy. Many little privileges, happiness, comforts and friendships have to be compromised. Work and life have to be balanced. Opening Facebook and online gaming have to be minimized. Watching TFC has to be shortened. 


Planning and time management are some of the ways to reach my destination. There will be times that the roads are rocky and steep. There will be fatigue, frustration and even desperation. But all of these make my journey more challenging and I could say… exciting. Happiness is more on the journey than in the destination. And I would like to try that out as I further my step. Join me in my travel!

Image from http://www.ourmastersvoice.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/desert-wandering.jpg



  1. Hi Pons,

    I would just like say this line struck me: “Happiness is more on the journey than in the destination.”

    Indeed. Let’s keep on FLOW-ing!

  2. Mafe Salva says:

    Hi Sir,

    May I know how to get in touch with you like a business email?

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